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We can retail most of the well known brands of today and can advise you as to what would be the best style, touch and sound. Acoustic pianos don’t suit all, so we can supply you with digital pianos and keyboards by a very well known brand!

We avoid the very cheap end of the market imports as they fail to have the longevity of a quality piano.

Previously Owned:

We do not sell anything older than 1970 unless it is a very special instrument. Most popular with us is the Yamaha brand and the models we sell most of are the U1 and U3, which are manufactured in Japan. We do also retail Kawai instruments as well as Welmar, Kemble and Knight. Previously owned pianos come in and go out all the time so apart from the regular stock of Yamaha and Kawai, there could be a whole host of other interesting instruments!!

If Yamaha is the brand for you, then please feel free to read our Yamaha Buying Guide

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Did You Know Piano Facts

Around the middle of the twelfth century we find the keyed monochord, which was developed further, several strings being added, until eventually we recognize the clavichord. A tangent was fitted to the back of each key, which when raised contacted the single string, and facilitated simultaneous notes. The tangent acted as a bridge determining the speaking length of the string. A mute was fitted to the non-speaking length, so when the key was released the note stopped singing.