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North West Piano Centre
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New and used Pianos, Specialising
in YAMAHA and KAWAI upright and Grand piano sales.

We have a carefully selected range of fine quality pianos on display in our showroom. We are committed to giving expert advice and pride ourselves on offering a quality service before, during and after your piano purchase.

When visiting The North West Piano Centre, customers are encouraged to play as many pianos as they choose for as long as they wish, to ensure the piano you buy is the right piano for you.

Every piano is different and they do vary. No two models off the same production line will be the same, with slight variations to tone and touch. The difference between the pianos can only be experienced by sitting and playing. We believe choosing a piano should be a personal choice by the individual. A piano can not be experienced on the Internet. You should never buy a piano on appearance alone. So, before a piano makes it into our showroom, it has to make it through our workshops.
All our pianos are individually prepared in our own workshops, A piano has 5,000 separate components which are thoroughly checked by our experienced technicians for damage or excessive wear and repaired or replaced where necessary, customers are more than welcome to view the work in progress. Before leaving our showroom every piano is quality checked and tuned to concert pitch to ensure they are playing to their full potential.
We count ourselves fortunate to have several tutors from The Royal Northern College of Music, Chethams School of Music and Manchester Grammar School amongst our customers.

Quality restored Yamaha and Kawai pianos, at approximately half the cost of new.

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Did You Know Piano Facts

Common Piano Tuning Tools
Common tools for tuning pianos include the tuning hammer or lever, a variety of mutes, and a tuning fork or electronic tuning fork. The tuning hammer is used to turn the tuning pins, increasing or decreasing the tension of the string. Mutes are used to mute strings that are not being tuned. Most tuners in the UK use a Papps wedge for tuning upright pianos because it slides easily between hammer shanks. . Wedge-shaped felt or rubber mutes are used on grandís they are inserted between two strings not being tuned to mute them. While tuning the temperament octave, a felt strip can be placed over the scale section of the piano, and inserted between each note, muting the outer two strings of each note, but leaving the middle string free to vibrate. After the centre strings are all tuned, the felt strip can be removed note by note, tuning the outer strings to the centre strings what mutes are used is down to the personal preference of the piano tuner and the tuner may use a combination of mutes