Piano Lessons for Beginners and Beyond...

Piano Lessons for Beginners and Beyond...

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Whether you’re starting from fresh or you’ve had lessons in the past and want to give it ‘one more try’, then it is very important to get the right teacher. The result could determine whether you get better or even give up entirely.

Generally speaking, people want to learn to play the piano as they love hearing piano music, either with other instruments or piano solo. That is no big mystery. Yet how do you know whether you’ve found the right teacher for you? This can seem like one of life’s great mysteries!

They must have a passion for teaching and  know the subject inside out. They must realise that music is a very simple subject so that they can explain it in simple terms. On top of that, they really need to be a practising musician. And that means that they should still be learning pieces and performing them!

As for myself, music is my life – I have devoted my life to exploring it, performing it and teaching it. It has become a natural process for me; any one that knows me will completely agree. I’ve been lucky with my teachers, but I was also very careful in my selection process – with each of those teachers that I was successful with I had tried and rejected another teacher before I found out they weren’t what I was looking for. 

With me we can:

  •   Focus on personal goals for the individual. Because everyone has different tastes in music, and also different commitment levels.
  •     Email support for any music related questions. Because it’s only between the lessons that students REALLY learn for themselves, and sometimes questions need to be urgently answered days before the next lesson!
  •     Lessons available in the daytime or evenings. Shift work flexibility is no problem. Fewer people these days have the normal ‘9-5’ routine, and I realise that I need to be able to fit around irregular schedules!
  •     Personally selected pieces for students to play. If you are going to spend weeks learning a new piece you will need to be motivated. What more motivation than to have the goal of playing a piece you like! Whether it’s Beethoven, The Beatles, Ludovico Einaudi, Coldplay, ABBA, Kate Bush, Chopin, Adele or even Ed Sheeran, a lot can be learnt from playing most music.

I'm very relatable and approachable. I gig every week - at the moment I'm in an ABBA tribute band, and I've travelled to lots of places around the world touring. I performed on BBC1 last year and on SKY news this year (2018). Essentially, I know what I'm doing, and I'm local! Send me a message or give me a call - let's have a chat if you think you would be interested in learning more about music, I'd be happy to help! :) 






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Qualification: Bmus (hons)

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