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Antenna Studios

Bowyers yard, Haynes lane
Crystal Palace, London SE19 3AN

Antenna studios in Crystal Palace is a friendly relaxed studio with its aim to make the artist as comfortable as possible. We have three rooms for ...

Waka Hasegaw

Crystal Palace, London SE26 6UR

Waka is an experienced piano teacher preparing studens for exams, auditions and competitions. She is also a busy performer

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Did You Know Piano Facts

Around the middle of the twelfth century we find the keyed monochord, which was developed further, several strings being added, until eventually we recognize the clavichord. A tangent was fitted to the back of each key, which when raised contacted the single string, and facilitated simultaneous notes. The tangent acted as a bridge determining the speaking length of the string. A mute was fitted to the non-speaking length, so when the key was released the note stopped singing.