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The Music Box was established over 25 years ago to provide a reliable quality service and information for the sale of new and second hand pianos Yamahas in the Manchester area. Our reputation soon grew and we were soon attracting clients buying from us from all over north west of England. Since then, we have expanded our core business to cover piano removals and the manufacture of quality piano removal equipment and are happy to sell or move pianos anywhere in the UK. We stock Yamaha, Weber Grands and uprights also Silent Yamaha pianos and Yamaha Disklavier pianos.

We have sold and delivered pianos to Happy Customers in:

France Spain Denmark Norway Sweden Belgium Malta Greece Switzerland Romania Japan Australia USA Canada and more.

Your piano teacher recommends Yamaha pianos, your school recommends Yamaha, your friends recommend Yamaha and Sir Paul McCartney, Maria João Pires, Elton John, Chic Corea, Jamie Callum all play YAMAHA PIANOS

Yamaha have positioned themselves at the forefront of piano manufacturing worldwide. The power of the Yamaha brand is difficult to compete against, and practically everywhere you visit in the UK you'll see Yamaha pianos; concert halls, recording studios Cruise ships, Music schools, clubs, hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, schools, churches and Television.

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Did You Know Piano Facts

What is the difference between Overdamping and Underdamping?

Overdamping is a system whereby the piano damping mechanism (the bit that shuts the piano up) is situated above the hammer strike line. Underdamping is where the piano dampers are placed below the hammer strike line. Advantages and disadvantages. Overdamping. Imagine an elastic band three-foot long, you twang it and then put your finger near to the end of the elastic band, to stop it vibrating. This is overdamping


Take the same elastic band and place your finger near the centre to stop it from vibrating this is underdamping, which of course is more efficient. Overdamping is controlled by gravity where as underdamping is controlled by adjustable springs so on the whole underdamping is far more efficient than overdamping. However, there is one disadvantage with underdamping. That is, if the dampers are incorrectly aligned to the nodes and antinodes of the vibrating string this will result in, the dampers when they come in contact with the string, emphasising certain harmonics on the piano, thus giving you a harmonic ring, this is more common on small uprights and small grandís as the margin of tolerance decreases as the piano becomes smaller.