Bonners Piano Centre

Bonners Piano Centre
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We have been established for 25 years and are one of the largest restorers of uprights and grand pianos.  At present we have 70 restored pianos in stock, each with a 5 year guarantee. 

Piano Workshop is the largest supplier of new and restored pianos in the South of England, with over 80 pianos on display.


Established since 1982, we have built a fine reputation for piano sales, tuning and restoring quality grand and upright pianos. We offer a good reliable service to all our new and existing customers. Good service depends on capable personnel and we are proud of ours.

Our wide range of restored pianos includes brands such as: Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein, Welmar, Yamaha, Broadwood and many more. We are also agents for new pianos including: Grotian Steinweg, Kemble, Gors & Kallmann, Weber and Steinmayer.

We provide restoration services and piano tuning for customers from all around South East England, including Guildford, Tunbridge Wells and Reigate as well as the rest of Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London

In our showroom in Reigate, Surrey we have facilities for long and short term storage of pianos. We also have a practice room available for hire and the teaching room is now available and we are taking bookings for piano lessons.


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    Reigate, Surrey RH2 9El
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Did You Know Piano Facts

Tuning Temperaments

How many piano tuning temperaments are there? There are countless variations, but most fall within three major categories;

1. Meantone, which generally concentrated the dissonance into a few unusable intervals (often called "wolf" intervals), so that the others could be Just. These are often called "restrictive" tunings, since there are certain intervals that are not usable. Good intervals are really good, bad ones are really bad. The Meantone era was approx. 1400-1700

2. Well-Temperament, which gives more consonance to the most often used keys, and more dissonance to the lesser used ones. Though not equal, these tunings are "non-restrictive" because all intervals can be used. The intervals range from Just to barely acceptable. Well-temperament refers to a genre, not a specific tuning. The Well-Tempered era is approx. 1700-1880.

3. Equal Temperament, which spreads the dissonance equally among all intervals. There is no difference in consonance or dissonance between any keys, thus, there are no good ones or bad ones. Equal temperament represents a complete average. Dates of its acceptance are debated, but there is ample evidence that it was widely available by 1900 and is the predominate tuning on keyboards, today. r.