The Modern Piano

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In his foreword to the original 1927 edition Lawrence Nalder described his work as " ... a book which aims at an explanation of the piano as we know it today ... ". Since this latest reprint of that original edition is being published over sixty years later it must be assumed that he succeeded in his aim. 200 pages, recently reprinted.


  • FRONTISPIECE Cristofori Piano-e-forte.
  • CHAPTER I. Tone and Touch.
  • II. Quality of Tone.
  • III. Piano Tone compared with the Voice and Other Instruments.
  • Chart showing a comparison of piano compass with other instruments - essential features of all musical instruments - a detailed consideration of them in the violin, the voice, the piano.
  • IV. The Forms of the Piano.
    The horizontal-the upright-the art piano-varied types of manufacture.
  • V. The Pedals.
    The pedals of the grand-the pedals of the upright-the middle or tone-sustaining pedal.
  • VI. The Construction of the Modern Piano.
    Formulae governing string vibrations - the "scale" - the wires-scale design-a detailed scale for a grand of 1 72 cm. (5ft. 8in.) in length-the preparation of scale rod -the preparation of scale drawing-a scale drawing for a grand piano.
  • VII. The Iron Frame.
    Interesting historical details-the modern frame-its appurtenances-types of frames.
  • VIII. The Action.
    Introduction-nomenclature-essentials of action manufacture-the grand action-the upright action-compound escapement upright actions-lost motion attachments-the sostenuto attachment-setting up the action in the piano-some American actions-words and phrases used by action finishers-the history of the action-the Cristofori and other early grand and upright actions - the Erard actions-the first upright piano-the sticker action -the Wornum actions-modern actions of Brooks. Higel, &c.
  • IX. The Hammer.
    Cristofori's hammer-early hammers- the single and double-coated felt hammer-hammer making-the toning of hammers (practical hints).
  • X. The Keyboard.
    Historical-early organ keyboards-the diatonic key-board - the Halberstadt keyboards - the problems of intonation-the modern keyboard-touch-key-covering material.
  • XI. The Soundboard.
    Sound - material for soundboards - the American "upright grand" back-recent French patents-down bearing-varnish.
  • XI I. The Piano of the Future.
    Defects of the modern piano-the Janko keyboard-the Emanuel Moor duplex-coupler piano-the quarter-tone pianos-a new German quarter-tone keyboard.
  • XIII. Notes on Historical and Modern Pitch Standards. The Tuning Fork.
Mr Bucknell on 15/04/2012 06:42am
Very good book some great photos and very reasonably priced Andrew

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