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Featured Products

3mm x 50mm brass bookholders for holding back music on a music tray. brass leaf stays Stop the pages in your music book from turning Sold in pairs
SKU: FN-344
45mm diameter laurel wood with rubber inlaid disk to protect your floor.
SKU: FN-343
75mm diameter black rubber, also available in 45mm and 100mm diameter.
SKU: G739R
Grand piano decorative Rounded Top Hinge Pin
SKU: FNm153
FN Key Cleaner for Piano Organ and Keyboards this product is very good on ivory it is formulated to remove dirt, bacteria and discoloration from tobacco.
SKU: CKB4029
Key-Brite cleans, brightens, and preserves all plastic, ivory keys. Large 118ml (4oz) bottle
SKU: 002barless
The Broadwood Barless Piano by Alastair Laurence
SKU: T6008601
The Yamaha grand piano key fits all Yamaha grand piano locks.
A unique portable bookholder for pianos. Holding sheet music securely on a piano music rest has been a perennial problem – until now that is...KatzKlip is a brand new and unique portable book holder for upright pianos, and it fits nearly all sizes
SKU: ISBN 978-88-88772-13-4

Probably the finest book ever produced on the history of the piano, this impressive 248-page book traces the history and development of the piano, including square, cabinet, console, upright, and grand.

SKU: FN-M216
A simple heater for drying out Upright pianos. Because the heat is distributed evenly along the entire length of the tube, the Damp Chaser is both safe and effective.
SKU: FN-M235
This piano humidifier is an inexpensive answer to dry conditions inside a piano. Easy to fit brackets, screws supplied, simple to maintain - just submerge in a bath of water.
SKU: FN758
The perfect solution to keeping unwanted fingers away from your piano.
SKU: FNrug
Under floor Heating Protector for Upright pianos Helps to protect your upright piano form the ravagers of under floor heating
SKU: FN270-GB1
Heavy Tan Cotton with Fleece Lining (Water Proofed) piano cover will give your piano more protection than our light weight covers, and looks elegant in any setting of your home or school.