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Revised and amended listings to data covered in The Musician's Piano Atlas, plus updates to 1983.
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A companion guide to The Musician's Piano Atlas and Supplement No. 1 Piano makers' production dates and serial numbers from 1984 to 2003 - some data up to 2006.
SKU: ISBN 0-907507-00-X
A scaled down version of the Pierce Piano Atlas. Coverage on over 300 brands from 23 countries. (Limited data on North American brands.)
SKU: ISBN978–0–9555590–4–4
The Chappell company produced some of the finest instruments ever seen in the UK, yet their piano-making seems to have been looked on as merely a sideline to their international music-publishing business. The Eavestaff Minipiano was an...
SKU: ISBN 970-0-9555590-1-3
Five London Piano Makers Brinsmead, Challen, Collard, Danemann, Welmar by Alastair Laurence
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The Broadwood Barless Piano by Alastair Laurence
SKU: ISBN 1-872150-00-4
The Piano-Forte: Its history traced to the Great Exhibition of 1851. Author: Rosamond E. M. Harding. Hardcover.
SKU: ISBN 978-88-88772-13-4

Probably the finest book ever produced on the history of the piano, this impressive 248-page book traces the history and development of the piano, including square, cabinet, console, upright, and grand.