Roberts Pianos (Southsea)

Roberts Pianos (Southsea)

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  • 116 Albert Road
    Portsmouth, Hampshire PO4 0JS
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We stock over 100 top quality new, modern and traditional grand,
baby grand and upright pianos.

The Roberts family have been in the trade for four generations, starting in 1900 with David Roberts who worked as a piano and organ tuner and restorer in the Exeter area. David's son Brian helped with piano Restoration but went into music teaching.
His son Marcus started as a teacher but began piano tuning and restoration in 1980. After five years tuning and restoring, with clients including Vladimir Ashkenazy, John Lill and Alfred Brendel, he took up piano dealing in 1985. We currently serve top concert venues in Oxford, London and Portsmouth with clients such as Oxford University, Portsmouth Guildhall, Wembley Arena, Eton College, Radiohead and Jamie Cullum.

We try to source inexpensive top quality grand and upright pianos based on touch, tone and appearance, having as much variety as possible in stock. We then either fully restore them or recondition them with an emphasis on touch and tone. We also restore clients' pianos and operate a removals and storage department.

New upright and grand pianos by Yamaha and Wendl & Lung. Secondhand restored upright and grand pianos mainly by Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Bechstein, Grotrian Steinweg, Steinway, Yamaha and Knight.

We have piano shops and workshops in Oxford and Portsmouth, piano tuning and restoration in London, storage facilities and our own dedicated piano removers.


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Did You Know Piano Facts

How big are upright pianos

Moden Upright pianos are usually between 110cm – 135cm in height, around 155cm wide and 60cm deep, the height being the major difference between models. You also have the old Mine piano at 70cm these are no longer made.

Upright pianos are popular because of their small footprint compared to a grand piano. While grand pianos may look more attractive, tall upright pianos are capable of producing a strong tone, wide dynamic range and better control in the keys and action than a small upright, Tall Uprights are usually only a few cms deeper and wider than shorter upright piano but will give you a much richer sound a good as most than a small Grands A small modern upright will have weight of 185kg a large one can exceed 235kg