Frequently Asked Questions

Adding an image to my listing

There are 4 types of images on a listing 

Profile Picture:  

This one only shows in the admin area and has a File size limit of  1000kb not needed at present. To add one log into your admin area and click on "View/Edit Account"

Logo image: 

 This one shows your main listing and the thumb shows in the Catagory listings.  

It has a File size limit: 3000kb 
Maximum Logo Width: 400px
Maximum Logo Height: 350px

It is auto resized so it may chop your head off if the photo is too big when you upload. To add a logo image log into your admin area and click on the Manage button then the Edit listing Button.  


Main listing images 


For paid listing only  You may add an image to the body of your listing.  First,  need to click on the image Button.

This will open the image properties. If you want to upload from your computer. 

Click on the upload tab.

First, click on Chouse a file.  
Then when you have selected your file,  Click on the Send it to the server button.  it will say Done!
you now need to adjust the image 

you can set the height, width, border,    H-space and V-space your h and V space is the distance between the image and text stops words running into the image. 

just click done! 


Listing Background image:  

( this is for paid listings and can add colour or music effects as a background
Maximum Logo Width: 800px
Maximum Logo Height: 800px  they are auto resized ) this image is auto resized  )

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