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  • Venables & Son Studio-120

    Venables & Son Studio-120

    25-06-2017 03:50PM

    New Venables & Son Studio-120 Upright Piano

    A fantastic upright delivering uniformity and refinement, with a clear and singing treble register, warm middle and rounded bass with a responsive and precise action.

    With its balance of richness and subtlety, this traditional upright piano is ideal for the home and school practise rooms, and yet prove to work well for solo instrument accompaniment too.

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Stage and Digital Pianos?
A stage piano is an electronic keyboard designed for use in live onstage performances by professional musicians. They have many of the same features as a digital piano but very often do not have built-in speakers. The current Yamaha CP-300 breaks this rule and has built in speakers. This is not a common practice among manufacturers as stage pianos are usually built with mobility in mind. Speakers can add considerable, extra, unwanted weight to a stage piano. Stage pianos can often have different keyboard actions and are worth paying attention to, that is if you are considering a stage piano. In the case of the Kurzweil SP series, they produce a SP2 with semi-weighted keyboard action and a SP2X which has a fully weighted hammer action keyboard. Bear in mind that "fully weighted", as is the case here with the SP2X, does not mean the same a progressive hammer action (see later). While the sounds on stage pianos is often much wider than what you would find on an average digital piano, stage pianos have far fewer voices than a typical electronic synthesiser. Stage pianos usually have a smaller selection of voices as mentioned in a previous question.