Billion Streaming Pianist & Composer, Helen Jane Long, in Concert this July

Billion Streaming Pianist & Composer, Helen Jane Long, in Concert this July

Known for her memorable piano themes and evocative string arrangements, in 2018 British composer Helen Jane Long became the first billion streaming pianist and artist in the world.

Her kaleidoscopic talent is a wonder to behold. Shift the lens in one direction and you see the remarkably gifted multi-instrumentalist, turn it again and you find the highly accomplished composer and recording artist.

Helen’s signature sound is epic, cinematic and emotional. It inspires, it captivates and warms the soul. Ahead of her US tour, at the Holy Trinity, Guildford, Helen Jane Long will be performing music from her six piano albums including the famous 'Aviators' written for British Airway's multi-million pound campaign.

Special bonus: there will be an opportunity to meet and greet after the show and get merchandise signed.


Helen will be performing for one night only on Saturday 6th July at 7.30pm at:

Holy Trinity Church 
High Street




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