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Piano lessons

teacher of piano and violin


During our lessons we can play all kinds of music, starting with the basics then progressing to various styles like jazz, blues and folk based on your musical preference.

For those of my students who are willing/prefer to follow a more traditional approach we will start by first playing recognisable pieces of classical music.


Where in Staffordshire are music lessons held? I live and teach in Rocester ST14 5LL.
How long are lessons? 60 minutes once or twice a week for more ambitious longer lessons.
Can I have music lessons at home? Yes, but I charge additionally the time of travel (door to door).
In what languages can music tuition be given? English/ Polish.
At which age can a child start music lessons? 3 years old.
Do you teach more mature people? Yes,I's never to late to start.
Do you provide performance opportunities ? Yes,I do.
Do you teach during school holidays? Yes, I do.
Do you teach disabled students? Yes,I do. I'm more then happy to teach disabled people.
How do I pay? You can pay by: cash,cheque,bank transfer (I provide a contracts for my students)
Do you prepare for exams? Yes,I do.
Do you offer discounts? Yes if our cooperation is long term.
Are you a member of some music organizations? Yes, I'm a member of:
Do you have DBS checked ? Yes,I have.



I wish to offer a scholarship for a potential professional musician on the piano or violin. My offer is aimed at a child of no more than 7 years of age; and is for a term of free tuition followed by an assessment of the pupil`s overall potential.

If you think that you have a child that fulfils these criteria and who would benefit from this scholarship, send me an email explaining why you think your child would benefit from such intensive tuition.

This offer would only be confirmed after an interview and evidence of musical skill and a determination to succeed.


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Disclosure and Barring Service: yes

Qualification: MA(Hons), Teaching Dipl.

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Piano Teachers

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