Stuart Jones Piano Sales

Stuart Jones Piano Sales

Based in the picturesque Mid-Wales countryside Stuart Jones Piano Sales is one of the UK’s largest piano dealers.  Our extensive air-conditioned show rooms are fully stocked with most leading brands. We are main agents for Steinway and Sons, Boston, Essex, Yamaha, Kawai and many more. We have a selective choice of quality pianos to suit every budget.


Stuart understands that buying a piano is a big investment and it takes time to choose exactly the right one for you. Whatever your level of playing Stuart Jones (Concert Pianist/Composer/MPTA Tuner/ Technician) will be on hand to advise you and demonstrate the instruments if required. Everyone is   warmly welcome and tea and coffee are provided - you will invariably stay longer than you thought you would!

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  • 18-20 Mochdre Industrial Estate
    Newtown, Powys SY16 4LE
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Did You Know Piano Facts

The year 1709 is the one most sources give for the appearance of aninstrument which can truly be called a "Pianoforte." The writer Scipione Maffei wrote an article that year about the pianoforte created by Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1732), who had probably produced four "gravicembali col piano e forte" or harpsichords with soft and loud. This instrument featured the first real escapement mechanism and is often called a "hammer harpsichord." The small hammers were leather covered. It had bichords throughout, and all the dampers were wedge-shaped. By 1726 he seems to have fitteda stop for the action to make the hammers strike only one of twostrings. He had produced about twenty pianos by this time and thenhe is presumed to have gone back to making harpsichords,probably from the lack of interest in his pianos. Three of hispianos remain extant today: one with four octaves, dated 1720, is in NewYork; one with four and a half octaves, from 1726, is in Leipzig,Germany; and there is one in Rome from 1722. There are approximately ten plucked instruments surviving today with the name Cristofori on them.