Alessis Recital

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Alessis Recital

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Hello everyone,

I have been teaching myself to play piano since March this year (2023) and I am playing the Alessis Recital which is an 88 key semi- weighted electric model.

Some people, rightly dissagree with describing the Alessis keys as semi-weighted as it feels nothing remotely like a piano to play, however the sound it produces, in my opinion is pretty good.

The lack of pedals is another big difference but there is sustain pedal which can be attached which I bought seperatly. It lacks the other 2 pedals but it is better than none.

It also has 5 voices, which are,

Electric piano

I only use piano as I like the sound the most and as I am teaching myself to play from a book of Bachs' complete piano collection at the moment I am learning the English Suite no. 2 in the key of C major.

The Alessis comes with a large earphone socket so an adapter is essential if people wish to play without disturbing others. I have never connected my tablet to it but it has a socket for a tablet for this. I prefer to use my Bach book to learn from, JS Bach wrote a lot of music for harsichord and Cembalo ( which preceeded the piano) so I have managed to learn with a book which is a treasure trove of delightful music in the Baroque style.

I am very pleased with my Alessis, it sounds almost like a piano to play but does not feel like a real piano, however I am still pleased with the sound I make and the appearance is cream white so it apears aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as ears.
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