John Spencer - does this piano have any value?

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John Spencer - does this piano have any value?

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We have a piano we no longer need, and I am hoping someone can assess if it has any value, and what to do with it.

The brand is John Spencer. I am unsure about the exact serial number, it seems to be 26218 but it could also be 26210, the last digit is not completely clear, please see the first two photos at the bottom of this post.

Visually, it seems to be in good overall condition. The most noticeable issue is probably the wear/chip to the pedal - please see the other photo at the bottom of my post.

All keys work fine. When we had it tuned in 2018 we were told that the best that could be done was to tune it half a tone/step below a concert standard.

Could this piano have any value? If not, what is the cheapest way to get rid of it?

Unfortunately I cannot take a photo of the mechanism at the moment but I hope this doesn’t make a fundamental difference.

If it helps, we are in Nottingham, it is on the ground floor, the route out would be:
1. Out through the kitchen door - there are no steps, the threshold is a "normal height" above the ground. The kitchen door will need to be taken off but I can do that myself.
2. Across a flat, grassy garden, onto a flat driveway and onto a flat road with a dropped kerb.

I can help with the handling of it and can also get two friends to come and help if it makes a big difference to the removal price (it took four of us to bring it in originally).

Critically, we are moving house 26th June (that’s in a week), and need to get rid of it by then.

Please let me know if you need any photos or other information to make an assessment, or if anyone is interested in viewing it.

Thank you in advance for any help.
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Re: John Spencer - does this piano have any value?

Post by chrisw »

Serial numbers usually appear painted in the top right hand corner of the frame rather than stamped in wood. Apart from this number there is little in the three photographs to help me to judge what the piano is like apart from the veneer of the case and condition of the pedals. The latter suggests the piano has a substantial age, has been very well used and this leads me to believe it would have no value as a musical instrument in a modern home.
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