Herrburger Brooks action

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Roger H
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Herrburger Brooks action

Post by Roger H » 23 Jul 2017, 17:18

My upright piano has been painted on the outside. Inside shows that it was made by Herrburger Brooks.
Is there any other identification I can look for?

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Bill Kibby
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Re: Identification

Post by Bill Kibby » 24 Jul 2017, 16:51

Herrburger Brooks didn't make pianos, they made the action - the working parts of the notes. It only tells us it was made after 1919. If you want to search for clues inside the piano, have a look at

If you can post photos here to show what the whole piano looks like, or email them to me to post, we may be able to tell you more. Meanwhile, there is useful general information about upright pianos at
Piano History Centre
Email via my website.
If you find old references or links on this site to pianogen.org, they should refer to pianohistory.info

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