Not sure how much to sell my piano for?

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Not sure how much to sell my piano for?

Post by blondy802 »

Hello people.

Any help would be appreciated. I am selling my late granddads digital piano for my Nan. We have no clue how much to sell it for. I also cant find anything online. Anyone selling one, Nothing!

It is a Kurzweil Mark 10 ensemble Grand. It is in black. Its pretty old. Good condition and in fully working order.

Just wondering if anyone has any idea. As we do not have a clue. I want my Nan to get the best price she can for it.

Also any help on which sites are best to sell it on would be good to.

Thanks for reading

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Re: Not sure how much to sell my piano for?

Post by markymark »

This keyboard is probably around 20 years old. To be frank, keyboards and digital pianos have come a long way. If you're selling a 20 year old Kurzweil model, you are trying to sell an old keyboard first of all and you are also trying to sell a brand that, in many ways, is not entirely established in the digital piano market.

You could try Ebay - I have used it to sell my CP33 and that worked perfectly. Do your research before you start pricing and setting your ad.

Not sure how much to sell my piano for

Post by GrahamSes »

This poll is fascinating. Im shopping for a digital piano and have noticed just how much brand loyalty plays a role. No love for Casio here, huh? ;
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