Best new digital piano for a singing teacher

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Best new digital piano for a singing teacher

Post by MusicalBirdie »

Hi there
Can anyone advise me on the best electric piano for around £400-£500 (new, not 2nd hand)
I am a singing teacher (mostly children) and got started with just a keyboard, but am now looking to purchase an electric piano. I was looking at purchasing a 2nd hand Yamaha Clavinova, but have read a number of threads saying the newest budget digital pianos are better than the high spec, big brands that are 6yrs old or over (which most ive seen for sale are)
Any advice appreciated. I could stretch a bit more than £500 if it was really worth it, but would prefer to stay in the budget, if possible for a good quality d.piano.

Thanks in Advance for your help
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Re: Best new digital piano for a singing teacher

Post by NewAge »

I've just replied to another post on this forum, which could also assist you too with the purchase of a keyboard. Suggest you give it a read.
The more recent models of Yamaha, Roland and Kawai are generally better than their predecessors, so if possible buy the newer models.
Also check out Casio who have made exceptional progress over the last few years, and the prices are tempting.
Personally I've always been a great fan of Yamaha, and still regularly play a Yamaha PF-1000 digital which is now over 10 years old, and still fabulous even compared to most newer models. So imho there are exceptions to the general rule.
Please come back with any other significant queries.
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