Learn the notes on the piano: Free Lesson.

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Learn the notes on the piano: Free Lesson.

Post by tomjeffrey » 19 Feb 2010, 14:55

Hi All,

So this is a quick lesson I have written down! Aimed at beginners, and should be one of the first steps you take in your journey to learning the piano.

Learn the white keys:

There are essentially ten different white keys to remember, these range from C to E, and are arranged in the following way:


In order to find note C, locate a pair of black piano keys and press the white key directly left of the first black key (of the twin set), the following white key on the right will be a D, then a E and so forth.

How to remember the pattern:

You may have noticed that after B, the cycle repeats itself, thus you'll only need to remember seven notes (CDEFGAB)! Some beginners find associating words to each note helps them learn notes on the piano, particularly the pattern as a whole. Try the following: Cats, Don't, Eat, Fly's, Gaining, Altitude, Baby! You'll notice the first letter of each word matches with the seven note pattern!

White keys are also called natural's, this is because they sound natural rather than sharp or flat.

Learn the black keys:

Now, the black keys are slightly different, these notes are called accidentals! And these are either "Sharp" or "Flat" notes, each relating to a white note. Find the C white note, and press the black key directly to its right. You should hear a note half a pitch higher. This is a C sharp (#) key! Locate a white D note and press the black key to the D's left and you will here a flat (b) note, this time half a pitch lower than the D note.

Hope you learnt something!

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