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Portable piano

Post by fragilebattleship » 13 May 2008, 16:20

I'm looking at buying myself a digital piano, but one of the important factors is that it needs to be fairly portable. (so prefrebly not one that has the stand built to it).

I've looked at a few but i'm not sure which is best quality wise etc. Also i'd like it to be as versatile as possible so many voices is useful but not vital. I was looking between £300-£500.
Also it will be probably be used live so thats another factor. Also it may be ran though various effect pedals if thats important?
Any help please?

Size wise the casio px310/320 is about the size i'm after, though will go bigger if it works out worth it.

The few i've been looking at are:
Yamaha dgx620 - though this might be quite large
Casio px310
Casio px320

Any advice would be nice, are these good? rubbish? are there any others i should look at?

Thank you :)

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Post by markymark » 15 May 2008, 23:35

Casio keyboards have improved a lot over the years, but they tend to lag behind in terms of keyboard action and realistic sound quality when compared with the likes of Yamaha. The Yamaha DGX620 would be worth checking and there could be some deals on this as the DGX630 has just been released! If this is your budget, I wouldn't really have any other suggestions, save for trying something higher spec but secondhand like a P60 (similar to the DGX except without all the rhythms and things), or the more recent P70. Why not look into the brand new P85?

By all means, try out the Casio models you specify (I have no recent experience of Casio - I tend to disregard them be that fair or unfair) and compare it with the Yamaha.

In all cases, ensure that the keyboards have the necessary connections you need for amplification, effects pedals, sustain pedal, IN and OUT jack-sockets or XML sockets, etc. as necessary.

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