***Check your post is in the right place***

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***Check your post is in the right place***

Post by markymark » 02 Apr 2012, 16:06

For the established and seasoned visitor to the UK Piano Page forums, what I am about to post will be taken as granted. However, in the Piano Advice forum, I am increasingly having to move topics that should not be here.

For new members, please note that the Piano Advice Forum is for advice about pianos - as in the instrument. If you want to know about digital pianos, learning pianos or just want to have a chat there are other forums for this.
Each forum attracts a different audience, some with only specific interests. Posting your message in the wrong one is likely to result in targetting members who may not interested in your topic.

Feel free to have a look around but please make sure your post goes to the right forum.



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