Old Pleyel piano

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Old Pleyel piano

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Hi, I'd need your help and please!.
An acquaintance is selling her old Pleyel Upright Piano for a few hundreds £, it looks/sounds generally on ok good condition (but I don't know much about piano). The piano is from 1955.
There's one note at the very right end that doesn't bounce back.is that costly to repair,?

A small recording in the link:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g4rP_A ... p=drivesdk
And photos attached.

Another acquaintance is offering her piano for free, it's a Rippen, in good condition.

The prices including transport are almost similar. I have seen the Rippen one yet.

Please, what would you do? Which one would be a better choice?
Thank you!!
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