Hofmann piano

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Elaine Bezzina
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Hofmann piano

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Hi all,

I have a Hofmann double harp upright piano. It has a Gran Prix Turin Badge of 1929 and its serial number is IV 18991.

Can someone enlighten me on the history of this piano please? I found it in the new house I bought and was told it was imported from Germany a long time ago.

Unfortunately it is infested with wood worm. I have already dismantled it, including all keys, and treated it but the problem persists. Should I try to save it or it is not worth the hassle?

Thanks in advance!

Attached please find some pictures.

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Re: Hofmann piano

Post by Dieter »

siehe https://www.hofmann-czerny.at/
D. Gocht, Mitglied im BDK-piano.de
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