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Highly qualified and experienced teacher offers a fresh and enthusiastic approach to learning with the emphasis on empowering students to draw out their innate and unique musicianship in a wide range of styles. If students understand the language of music, Phil believes they can learn to "speak" it too! The training he offers musically empowers students and unlocks their expressive talents in ways that traditional methods of musical learning do not. Learning to play pieces by rote does not interest Phil nor does a dry, theoretical approach.

Musical fluency is achieved by learning through play, nurturing a sense of joy in mastery without pressure. Generating real musicianship and unlocking inner rhythmic and tonal awareness is Phil's passion. He provides students with all the necessary resources so they do not need to buy additional learning materials.

The guidance Phil offers is always tailored to fit the unique needs and style of each individual. He is happy to help students prepare for graded examinations and diplomas although his learning specification does not correspond with any existing board. He firmly believes that passing examinations is no indication that true musical fluency is being achieved.

Phil teaches in the following areas:

Piano - classical, jazz and pop improvisation
Singing - classical, musical theatre, jazz and pop
Theory, practical & aural musicianship (or Language of Music) - courses tailored to suit the individual's requirements
Composition and arranging - all styles & genres
Production - project studio recording and programming and DTP of scores for arrangers and composers (computer-based - Cubase, Finale, Sibelius)
Academic music for GCSE, A level, diploma and degree students

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£25 per half hour
£45 per hour

Phil also runs an online musical training site called Musically Fluent ( that all his students have access to and that others can purchases courses from.


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Disclosure and Barring Service: yes

Qualification: BmusRNCM (Hons)

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