Peregrine's Pianos Practice Rooms

Peregrine's Pianos Practice Rooms
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Peregrine's Pianos offers three music rooms to accommodate from one to fifty people. The rooms, all sound insulated and air controlled, are amongst the quietest, best-equipped and most comfortable in London. They include modern, high quality pianos by Schimmel and August Forster, all of which are regularly tuned and maintained. Access to the rooms, and to the waiting/reception area, is through the ground floor piano showroom.

The rooms are carpeted and fully equipped with comfortable seating, mirrors and music stands. Customers are welcome to bring in their own video and recording equipment as required, and additional tables, stands and equipment can be supplied. Unfortunately, we cannot allow food or drinks (other than water) into the music rooms, room hire rates are at bookings and room sizes given below are approximate.

Room 1 - 13' x 8' (10sq m). £14 per hour plus VAT. Schimmel Konzert K132 upright piano. Lower ground floor, natural light. Ideal for individual rehearsal, teaching and warm-up facilities.

Room 1 - 13' x 8' (10sq m). Schimmel Konzert K132 upright piano. Lower ground floor, natural light. Ideal for individual rehearsal, teaching and warm-up facilities.

Room 2 - 21' x 17' (33sq m). Schimmel Konzert K189 grand piano. Lower ground floor, natural light. Ideal for chamber music, meetings, examinations, photography and warm-up facilities.

Room 3 - 22' x 21' (42sq m). August Förster 215 grand piano. First floor, large windows. Ideal for rehearsals (up to 20 musicians), seminars (up to 50 people), auditions, television filming, examinations, masterclasses, workshops, promotional events, meetings, teaching, audio recordings, private recitals and operatic rehearsal.


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Muzio Clementi

Muzio Clementi 23 January 1752 to 10 March 1832 was an Italian-born British composer, pianist, pedagogue, conductor, music publisher, editor, and piano manufacturer. who was the son of a silversmith? the piano firm Clementi eventually became Collard and Collard.

He was encouraged to study music by his father, Muzio was sponsored as a young composer by Sir Peter Beckford who brought him to England to advance his studies in music. Later, he toured Europe numerous times from his long-standing base in London. It was on one of these occasions, in 1781, that he engaged in a piano competition with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Clementi published a highly respected piano method which even Beethoven endorsed him, sending pupils along to Clementi.