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Nick Capocci

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Experienced professional pianist/keyboardist. Classical/ jazz


Turner Contemporary Margate

“I've been meaning to email you since the wedding to thank you and your band for such an amazing performance at our wedding! ……… Even those who didn't dance commented on how wonderful the music was, and I know that they enjoyed sitting in the sun outside, with such great music playing in the background. It was such a lovely, chilled out day, and the music totally suited the mood and atmosphere.”    (Luke and Naomi's wedding)


Jazz You Like It  is an extremely versatile jazz-based function band that can be customized to suit virtually any requirements. Starting with the basic cocktail-style solo piano, any combination up to sextet with male/female vocals is available: piano/sax; piano/vocal; piano/bass; piano/bass/vocal; piano/bass/sax; piano/bass drums; piano/bass/vocal/sax...


The material can be anything from 1920's traditional onwards...  West Coast cool, Rat Pack, bebop, swing, latin ...   


You name it - it's jazz as You like it!

*(GRSM = Graduate of the Royal Schools of Music; ARCM = Associate of the Royal College of Music). Studied at the Royal College of Music with William Lloyd Webber (theory), Humphrey Searle (composition) and Eileen Reynolds (piano). Professional pianist, keyboardist, composer, bandleader and teacher, currently working in east Kent.


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Disclosure and Barring Service: yes

Qualification: GRSM. ARCM.

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