Where the living language of music is taught in a family environment

Welcome to SW London Music School where the living language of music is taught in a family and enjoyable environment. I am passionate about music education and committed to giving each student Adult or Children the very best tuition,support and encouragement. As a qualified and experienced teacher I am committed to sharing the joy of music with students of all ages and stages whether they be complete beginners or more experienced. I am also able to serve the wider community in schools through my music services to schools programme.

The school has been established out of one of Ireland's leading music schools 'The Irish Harp Centre Music School' based in Limerick and Dublin. Lessons are just not for children!' we have and welcome many adults of all ages and stages. Lessons in your own home are possible at no extra charge both before or after School as well as weekends. Daytime tuition is also available for adults who prefer it.

I look forward to welcoming you to our extended musical family

Malcolm M Gullis


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Disclosure and Barring Service: yes

Qualification: M Mus MA BA FCol T Cert ED

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Did You Know Music Facts

Accompaniment is the musical parts which provide the rhythmic and/or harmonic support for the melody or main themes of a song or instrumental piece. There are many different styles and types of accompaniment in different genres and styles of music. In homophonic music, the main accompaniment approach used in popular music, a clear vocal melody is supported by subordinate chords. In popular music and traditional music, the accompaniment parts typically provide the "beat" for the music and outline the chord progression of the song or instrumental piece. The accompaniment for a vocal melody or instrumental solo can be played by a single musician playing an instrument such as piano, pipe organ, or guitar. While any instrument can in theory be used as an accompaniment instrument, keyboard and guitar-family instruments tend to be used if there is only a single instrument, as these instruments can play chords and basslines simultaneously (chords and a bassline are easier to play simultaneously on keyboard instruments, but a fingerpicking guitarist can play chords and a bassline simultaneously on guitar). A solo singer can accompany herself by playing guitar or piano while she sings, and in some rare cases, a solo singer can even accompany himself or herself just using his or her voice and body