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  • Gors & Kallmann 148

    Gors & Kallmann 148

    22-05-2017 09:01PM

    The Gors & Kallmann 148 is our most compact and affordable gloss black baby grand piano.
    German brand and design, built in the far east with good quality components to a very impressive standard.
    A superb value instrument with a soft and mellow 'European' sound, not only will this be an excellent piano to learn and grow with, but also makes for a stunning piece of furniture for the home.

    If you are interested in purchasing the Gors & Kallmann 148 or would like more information, call us on (01344) 873645 or email us on:sales@handelpianos.co.uk

    Make: Gors & Kallmann

    Size: 4 Foot 10 Inches Deep or 148cm
    Casework: Black Gloss


    Free Local ground floor delivery

    3 Year Guarantee

    Piano tuned to concert pitch (A440)

    4 week exchange available

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Did You Know Piano Facts

How big are upright pianos

Moden Upright pianos are usually between 110cm – 135cm in height, around 155cm wide and 60cm deep, the height being the major difference between models. You also have the old Mine piano at 70cm these are no longer made.

Upright pianos are popular because of their small footprint compared to a grand piano. While grand pianos may look more attractive, tall upright pianos are capable of producing a strong tone, wide dynamic range and better control in the keys and action than a small upright, Tall Uprights are usually only a few cms deeper and wider than shorter upright piano but will give you a much richer sound a good as most than a small Grands A small modern upright will have weight of 185kg a large one can exceed 235kg