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Adding an event to the calendar

Adding an event to the calendar 

You need to log in  and go to My Account

Then click on the "Mange Button' you are now in the   Listing Summary page. You now need to click on the   "Event Button" you are now on your Events page this will list all your events to add an Events click on the Blue "Add an Event" button.  you are then taken to the 

Add Event Page


Start filling in the information........ 


Title:* ( something like  "My kid's Concert' )
Friendly URL:* (the system will do this)
Event Categories:  ( highlight the cat that best suits yours )
Image:  you can add a logo here File size limit: 1000kb

Start Date:*  ( the date the event is on )
End Date:    ( if it over a few days  add the end date )
Recurring: if it is an annual on the same date then click this )

Colour:  (you can have a colour for the event make it stand out)

Allow RSPVs: (users can RSPVs to say they are coming )

Website: ( a website linked to the event )
Email:    (an email  linked to the event )
Phone:    (a phone  linked to the event )
Contact Name:
Admission/Ticket Details: ( you may say it Free or a price)
Short Description:  ( just say what it is)
Description: ( a much info as you can give )
Venue Name:  
Location: ( add the address and postcode)
Keywords:  ( this helps user find it)
META Title:   ( you may have put My kid's Concert in the title but hr hear "My kid's Concert at Blackpool tower  8 July 2099"
META Keywords: ( relevant keywords with a comma after each word)
META Description:  (put your short Description in here if you wish )

Click Submit 

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