Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a listing to the UK Piano Page



We will say yo want to be added as a Techer go to the Teachers section you and will see....


Piano Teachers            'Add a listing here’

Browsing Piano Teachers



Click on the add a listing here it’s the same for any section



First you will see


*Fill in the first part this is for Admin use, some parts are required
 once you have done that bit the next page will load.



My Account


Choose a Green button Free or Paid listing.  Click it



The next page is… 



You now need to add your details....


Title:*     (required )


Friendly url  (the system will add this for you )


Logo:  ( you may add a logo or photo of yourself here )


Categories:  (you can be in 3 different categories  you need an order for  each listing in each    categories)


Short Description:  (this will show just under your name in the main listings )


Description:     (Get creative! this is your main advert there is an HTML editor to help you add colour.   Paid listing can add photos here as well )


Keywords: ( this is important these are used when visitors  search the site so your name,  services and any extra towns you cover they must be in a list one word per line)

META Title:  ( this is very  important it is  what will show in the search engines  so your Title:*     may be Sam Smith  but here you could have ‘Sam Smith Piano Teacher in Mansfield ‘


META Description: ( this is important it’s the words that show in Google under your title if you leave this blank Google will pick the words and you may not like what it picks)


META Keywords: ( same as the  Keywords above but the search engines use them and you need a comer after each one)


Hours:    ( your opening hours !)



Address 1 and 2  (up to you  if you want to show your full address)

Location:*  (this is required one town at the moment )


PostCode:  (you will need this if you want a map to show )


Longitude and Lat:  (will be added by the system if your postcode  in the post ode section )


Website:  (Your website if you have one )


Email;  ( if you don’t want visitors to contact you by email then remove it )

Social Medea

( if you have the put them in you just need the last part)


Disclosure and Barring Service: Click yes or no 


Qualifications: ( only compulsory for teachers)  


Then Click submit 


You will then see 
Listing submitted. Your listing will be reviewed for appropriate content and will be activated shortly.
If you are an Teacher,  Accompanists or entertainer  you may add a second order
Once approved you can click on ‘Order’s in your admin area, then click on 
Manage listing   from there you can add events to the main site calendar add classifieds and see your stats.



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