Countrywide Piano Centre Ltd Piano Hire

Countrywide Piano Centre Ltd Piano Hire

Few instruments can be adapted to almost any situation. The Piano is one of the most versatile and can create a sophisticated ambiance in your event.

Both Yamaha & Kawai range of pianos are built to a very high standard and have proven to be extremely reliable, with very good tuning stability. For this reason, we have hand-selected our hire fleet to include the Yamaha & Kawai range of grand pianos and uprights.

For all events including:

  • Theatre
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Concerts
  • Summer Schools
  • Piano Festivals

Individual packages will be provided, on request.

Yamaha Disklavier As part of our hire fleet, we are proud to now include  Yamaha Disklavier Grand Pianos



Piano rental can be a good short-term alternative to buying a piano. 

If you or your children are just starting out with wanting to learn to play the piano, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

You may have found a good teacher, so now you need a piano. Please avoid buying ‘any old thing’ just to see ‘how it goes’ an old tired piano,may not stay in tune,it may be difficult to play on some keys, the pedals may not work and this … is supposed to give you the chance to learn an instrument. If you were learning to drive, you would not expect to start in a car where the door would not close, and the brakes worked,most of the time! So why give a beginner pianist a poor start, start with a good piano a good teacher and off you go !

Piano rental is a great choice for the beginner, it gives the chance to start learning on a piano which will encourage, it will be fully serviced and tuned, more often than not, our fleet of rental pianos are nearly new or at least under five years of age, so everything is in perfect working order. Within three months, you will have a much better idea if playing the piano is being enjoyed and if so, come back to us to make your selection from an array of new and second hand pianos, upright pianos and grand pianos, what ever your choice, you will find buying a piano from Countrywide Pianos a pleasure. A showroom full of choice, with expert staff on hand to offer advice if needed or to be in the background if not. PLUS if you decide to choose a new piano from our showroom the entire first three months rental fee is deducted from the purchase price.

Currently, our rental service is only available within immediate local area. Ground floor delivery is included (steps/stair work subject to separate quote). Upright pianos only.

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Did You Know Piano Facts

Common Piano Tuning Tools
Common tools for tuning pianos include the tuning hammer or lever, a variety of mutes, and a tuning fork or electronic tuning fork. The tuning hammer is used to turn the tuning pins, increasing or decreasing the tension of the string. Mutes are used to mute strings that are not being tuned. Most tuners in the UK use a Papps wedge for tuning upright pianos because it slides easily between hammer shanks. . Wedge-shaped felt or rubber mutes are used on grandís they are inserted between two strings not being tuned to mute them. While tuning the temperament octave, a felt strip can be placed over the scale section of the piano, and inserted between each note, muting the outer two strings of each note, but leaving the middle string free to vibrate. After the centre strings are all tuned, the felt strip can be removed note by note, tuning the outer strings to the centre strings what mutes are used is down to the personal preference of the piano tuner and the tuner may use a combination of mutes