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With over 30 years experience
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Piano Mover Specialist Milton Keynes
Our professional piano moving team will know exactly how to move your piano in the fastest, safest way possible.
If you are looking for professional help to move your piano, Ark Relocation are the experts.
The shape, weight, size of piano’s make them 1 of the most difficult items to move inside and outside the home. The delicate internal mechanisms also need careful consideration when moving. Ark Relocation have over 30 years experience and the required equipment and vehicles to safely move your piano either internally, local or across the World. All pianos are protected with piano covers and grand piano’s are fitted with piano ‘shoes’ prior to removal and will remain so through to delivery and re-assembly at the final destination. All our piano moving operatives use blankets and floor protectors, banisters are also protected if moving up or down stairs.
Piano Storage   
Storing piano’s needs careful planning also, as storing your piano in a less than optimal environment could prove detrimental. 
Restrictive Access
Ark Relocation provide a full crane and window removal service should access to your residence prove restrictive, windows are also replaced upon completion. 
We offer comprehensive insurance cover for your piano throughout the whole relocation process, the same is applicable if we place your piano in storage.

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Did You Know Piano Facts


Temperament is both the process and result of making slight changes to the pitches of a pure musical scale, so that the octave may be conveniently divided into a usable number of notes and intervals. In the history of Western music's 12-note octave tradition, there have been several, fundamentally different forms of temperament applied to the developing keyboard. Music suffers when performed in a tuning that is different than that which the composer used in its creation.

Well Temperament Keyboards

Well Temperament Keyboards may be tuned so that all keys are musically usable, but contain varying degrees of the "wolf". This is the tuning used in this recording. Between the Early Baroque and Romantic eras, the popular tuning was something between Meantone and Equal Temperament. This era was a brief, transitional stage in temperament history, but considering the music composed during this period, its importance cannot be overlooked. This style of tuning is called "Well Temperament" following the use of the term by J.S. Bach. The term refers to a genre, rather than a specific temperament, as there were many Well Temperaments in use between 1700 and 1825.