AA Tuners Polishing Services

AA Tuners Polishing Services

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Restoration & Polishing 
Upright Pianos

Traditional French Polishing to all upright & grand pianos, using traditional methods. Scratch & dent repairs, veneer cracks. We also restore antique furniture/ cabinets/ desks etc - and all woodwork & dashboards/ trims etc for classic & vintage vehicles.


>  Traditional French Polishing (Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Ebony, Rosewood etc)
>  Bespoke natural wood finished using waxes and oils
>  Modern black ebonised brushed satin effects
>  Simulated grain & stain finish (economy service)
>  Danish Oil semi-gloss finish
>  Furniture polishing, lace fabric shelving & back drops
>  Revive & polish brass work, hinges, lock & plate, ornamentation


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Did You Know Piano Facts

Piano Veneers and Finishes Some of the piano veneers and finishes you can have on upright and grand piano today

Cherry Gloss Polish
Mahogany Gloss Polish
Makassar Ebony
Cherry Satin
Bubinga Gloss Polish
Walnut Satin with Rosewood Inlay
Walnut Gloss Polish
Walnut Satin
Alder Satin
Ebony Gloss Polish
White Gloss Polish
Pink Gloss Polish
Blue Gloss Polish
Red Gloss Polish