Seminar- RNCB Hereford 22/23/24 June 2012

Sorry! All classes and accommodation is sold out, in record time this year in just 3 days

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We encourage all tuners to gain and maintain the highest professional standards and to exhibit ethical and professional integrity at all times.

We offer ongoing training to piano tuners who wish to acquire extra levels of ability. This is open to all everyone, even if they are not yet members of the Association. We do this by running subsidised seminars for fully sighted and visually impaired tuners.

This year's AGM conference will be held at the RNCB's we will have exclusive use of Gardner Hall photo above. Overspill accommodation will be at the Charades Hotel. Gardner Hall accommodation rooms have:

  • Ensuite bathrooms
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Key or fob door entrance
  • WiFi access
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Access to a sports centre, bar and spa within thePoint4
  • Free on-site parking

Classes available are:

  • Grand and Upright Voicing
  • Grand Regulating
  • Polyester Courses
  • Fitting a Silent System
  • Fitting piano life saver to Grand pianos

There will be a demonstration on Friday 4pm on how to take credit card payments’ on the move using mobile terminals, Iphoes and some smart phone also all the different tariffs available.

Trade stands will include:

  • Human Were (Computers, LVAs, CSTVs, braille displays and satellite navigation )
  • Gabor Silent Systems
  • Fletcher & Newman Ltd ( piano parts, tools and stools )
  • Louis Renner & Co UK( piano parts, tools and stools )
  • Vale Pianos

For those guests that are not attending classes we have sole use of the Spar facilities in the 4point building you will need swimwear free to guests who’s partners are attending classes

Some images of classes at the 2012 conference

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