Practical Musicianship instead of Theory?

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ETP's Mum
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Practical Musicianship instead of Theory?

Post by ETP's Mum » 18 Apr 2009, 19:35

Does anyone have any experience of these exams? I only heard about them today when they were suggested as an more interesting alternative for my son (9) to be able to progress to practical Grade 6 than the regular theory exams.

I have looked at the ABRSM website but would appreciate feedback if anyone has done/has had pupils do them.

Thanks! :?

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Re: Practical Musicianship instead of Theory?

Post by Descombes » 18 Apr 2009, 20:53

I had a pupil a few years ago who was zooming up the grades and was daunted by the prospect of Theory exams. I looked at the Musicianship exams as an alternative, but they are extremely taxing! They were certainly not an easy alternative to Theory, even for a talented pupil. He eventually decided to tackle the Theory exams (I always tell them that the theory has to be learnt, whether or not exams are taken!!) and had no problems. (He's now studying Music at Cambridge.)

Theory seems to have this daunting image. It's not hard if the teacher is good! (I've just re-read ETP's Mum's original message and seen the dreaded "I" word! Theory can be interesting!!)

PS And before someone suggests Trinity, could I point out that they still have to learn Theory, even if there are no formal exams!

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