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Sarasota Piano Lessons Teacher

Post by elizabethfarrell99 » 18 Jul 2012, 14:34

Hello Everyone!

My name is Elizabeth Farrell and I am a fulltime private piano, woodwind and voice instructor in Sarasota fl USA. I just wanted to post and say hello to everyone as I look forward to engaging and discussing topics that make us all better piano players and instructors. I am also a certified school teacher in the U.S. and offer Sarasota piano lessons and Sarasota voice lessons from my in home studio.

I've been looking for an online discussion forum to post and discuss many topics. I have already enjoyed reading some of the topics I have found. It's exciting to find fellow piano lovers in one place! I just launched my website also and looking fro some tips on creating good content for students to use.

Take care everyone and I look froward to using this site more! :piano;

Elizabeth D Farrell

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Colin Nicholson
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Re: Sarasota Piano Lessons Teacher

Post by Colin Nicholson » 19 Jul 2012, 14:48

Hi Elizabeth,

Welcome to the UK forum!

You sound a very talented lady.... I wish you luck in your music teaching.

I also enjoyed reading some of your website, and it has a nice balance & 'air' about it...... BUT!!.... I was rather surprised by a separate page entitled "Rates & Policies" !!?

In the UK here, we are a little more reserved about this, and yes, while some terms & conditions need to be in place eventually, I'm not sure if this may put off prosective customers? Just a couple of suggestions if I may....

Personally, I would remove this page altogether - I dont think its needed, (unless you've been let down many times, which gives me that impression?)

Dont forget, that your website is a shopping window - and you want customers through your door first. Imagine looking into a shop window, eg Marks & Spencers - and on the window it says.... "POLICY.... all goods must be returned within 7 days or no refund" !!....

I think the best thing is to get them in the door first, maybe at first offer weekly lessons to allow new nervous pupils to get used to you first - offer a slightly higher rate for weekly, then a reduced rate for monthly?

Also, although you say quite clearly 'RATES' on your home page, you dont have any rates showing!!.... I think there needs to be something there as a guide.... eg "First lesson/ induction free (meet & greet), lessons from £10 per 30 mins"

In the UK, we either give a price - or dont.... but if a price is not offered, why state 'RATES' in the first place? Maybe best to revise this.

Also of course, not doubting your skills, you may need to sell your skills first (like I do) - play some Chopin or something to WOW them...... then get them started on about 4 lessons paid weekly (no terms & conditions at this stage - and no mention of them either)...... then after say a month, mention about your cancellation & rescheduling policy if needed. When new pupils start with me, after 4 weeks, parents fill in a small application form.... and upon signing it, they agree to my T&C.. I also offer some brief terms on paper.

Unless you are very well established, and well sought after - fair enough, but if its your first time teaching privately, and its a new website - perhaps change this page to other services you offer like providing exam tuition, music competitions, some photos.... that sort of thing.

Just my opinion!.... but if I was a parent looking for lessons for my daughter, I might be rather put off by the cancellation & no refund thing - ! ?? so early on in the day, before they have even met you. Good luck though.

Hope that helps

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