This is the UK Piano Page logo ®, showing Britannia sitting in front of a grand piano holding a trident. At her side she has a round shield with the union jack on it. For each season or occasion she will be dressed differently.

Her normal attire is a purple dress with the side cut away. One hand is holding a trident and the other hand is playing the black grand piano she is sitting at.

For Valentine's, she has a short red dress, with thin straps, a cutaway side with a big heart over her chest. She is holding a bunch of red flowers; the union jack shield has a big red heart in the centre. The rest of the image is the same as the others.

For Halloween she has a witches hat, a crooked nose and long black hair

For Guy Fawkes 5th Novermber. Britannia is the same but there is a barrel of gunpowder onfire under the piano with the Letter TNT on the side. for more about Guy Fawkes

For Christmas she has a red Santa's cloak and hat, and there is a gift-wrapped parcel under the piano.

The art work is by Charlotte Wiley.

Britannia is the national emblem and poetic name of Britain, arguably the oldest surviving national emblem in Europe. For the full history of Britannia see

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