Piano Hire Companies Who specialise in hiring pianos in London.

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Rent or Hire a Piano

Looking for a company to rent or hire a piano for a concert or music festivals in the London. The following is a list companies that specialise in renting and hiring pianos.

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Ascape Studios
Unit E
The Clan Works
0208 460 0048
0786 504 3038
  • Piano Rehearsal and band practice
  • Yamaha C1 Baby Grand £10.00 p/h

B Sharp Pianos
Baptist Church Wordsworth Rd
N16 8DA
Tel: 020 7275 7577
Email: ericgarson@gmail.com
WebSite: www.bsharppianos.co.uk

I have a range of new and used pianos to hire,there is no minimum hire period and if you decide to buy the piano after one year I will credit you with the full years hire against the cost of the piano or you can upgrade to another instrument with the same credit,this offer excludes transport costs.All pianos are under guarantee whilst on hire


FX Rentals Ltd
38-40 Telford Way
London W3 7XS
Tel: 020 8746 2121
email: info@fxgroup.net
WebSite: www.piano-hire.co.uk

Piano Hire offer electric Piano hire for events, weddings, gigs, showcases, school and theatre productions. Open 24hr with transport and installation service.

A. Hanna & Sons Pianos LTD
94 Kingston Road
London SW19 1LA
Tel: 020 - 8540 5541
Fax: 020 - 8540 4553
Email: sales@hanna-pianos.co.uk
WebSite: www.hanna-pianos.co.uk

A. Hanna & Sons Pianos, is a family piano business which was established in 1960, and has been expanding ever since.

  • Many makes and all models of upright and grand pianos are available for hire.
  • Short and long term piano hire.
  • Our pianos on hire must be delivered and collected by us.
  • Written quotations on request.
  • Local, national delivery and collection available.
  • Concert hire with transport and tuning.

Markson's Pianos
8 Chester Court,
Albany Street,
Tel:020 7935 8682
Fax: 020 7224 0957
Email: info@www.marksonpianos.com
Web Site: www.marksonpianos.com

As pioneers in the field of piano hire in the 1960's, Marksons have developed a wide and extensive hire fleet, ranging from the smallest six octave piano to Concert Grands.

Naturally one of the greatest advantages to hiring is havng the opportunity to "Try Before you Buy" thereby giving you the opportunity of getting used to the feel, sound, aesthetics before spending an appreciable amount of money on a capital purchase such as a piano. With our Hire with Option to Purchase Plan means that once you have decided to buy a piano a proportion of the hire fees you have paid will be deducted from the original purchase price specified at the time of commencing hire. The hire fee refund proportion is transferrable onto ANY piano you buy from us, but purchasing the piano you hire means you have been protected from any price increases which may have occurred.

Do please feel free to call me on 020 7935 8682 if you have any further queries.

Robert Morley and Company Ltd
34 Engate Street
London SE13 7HA

Tel: 020 8318 5838
Email: sales@morleypianos.co.uk
WebSite: www.morleypianos.co.uk

Piano Rental / Piano Hire for the Home - How it works Home piano rental is perfect for those starting the piano or returning to the piano after a pause. Our yearly home piano rental charge is based on 3% of the instrument retail price per month with the opportunity at the end of the initial twelve month rental period to purchase at a special price, upgrade or return the piano in good order with no further obligation or retain for a further rental period with only a one month notice period after the first year.

We do rent new pianos however certain instruments are available at beneficial rates including selected ex-rental and second hand Monington & Weston and Elysian upright pianos from as little as £30.00 per month rental with prompt delivery on the completion of documents and payment of £250.00, subject to delivery area and terms and conditions.

Music Muswell Ltd
104 Alexandra Park Rd
Muswell Hill
London N10 2AE
Tel: 0208 444 9884

Email: info@musicmuswell.com
WebSite: www.musicmuswell.co.uk

Piano Hire Specialists Grand Pianos- Kawai Concert Grand Shuguru Bluthner Model 10 Uprights- Yamaha U3, U1 Kawai K15, K3 Steinway Bechstein Old Classic Pianos for props in Films and plays and TV for show only

Peregrine's Pianos
137A Grays Inn Road .
WC1X 8TU .
Tel: 020 7242 9865
E-mail: info@peregrines-pianos.com
Web: www.peregrines-pianos.com

From our prominent shop on Grays Inn Road we offer a professional and efficient piano hire service, which is both reliable and professional. We are regularly installing our fine upright and grand pianos to venues not only throughout the capital, but further afield too. Our instruments are looked after by a team of professionally trained piano tuners and technicians, and our removal people are experts in their work.

For concert and event hire we can provide instruments for wedding receptions, recitals, corporate functions, photographic shoots, recording sessions, television production sets (specific sets, periods and circumstances) or for location operatic rehearsals. Our pianos have appeared in many high-profile television programmes and in some of the finest feature films Prices start from £ 320 plus VAT

For domestic hire we have modern upright and grand pianos suited to home use. We have numerous pianos on hire around South East England and our six month contract provides the option to purchase; rates start from just £50 per month.

N1 3PJ
Tel: 07967 754115
Email: organs@hammondhire.com
WebSite: www.hammondhire.com

The Hammond Hire Company With over 40 years experience in hire 24 hours 7 days a week All vintage electric pianos Wurlitzer ep 200.200a 300 Fender Rhodes stage 73 .88 Fender Rhodes suitcase stereo 73 .88 And other classic keyboards and synths

Piano Warehouse
30a Highgate Road
London Nw5 1NS
Tel: 020 7267 7671
Fax: 020 7284 0083
email: sales@piano-warehouse.co.uk
WebSite: www.piano-warehouse.co.uk

Branches in North London and Surrey. Short and Long term hire locally and nationwide. Uprights and grands available, as well as certain digital models. Local delivery and collection included.

Studiohire (London) Ltd
8 Daleham Mews
London NW3 5DB
Tel: 020-7431-0212
Fax: 020-7431-1134
Email: mail@studiohire.net
WebSite: www.studiohire.net

Digital pianos by:

  • Yamaha
  • Roland
  • Kurzweil
  • Korg
  • Technics.

Electric pianos by:

  • Wurlitzer
  • Fender Rhodes
  • RMI
  • Yamaha
  • Roland
  • Kurzweil
  • Korg

Also probably the largest collection of Synthesizers in Europe, both Vintage and the very latest.