American-Made Uprights

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American-Made Uprights

Post by kumalk » 26 May 2009, 11:38

Really just for my own knowledge, what good American uprights are still being manufactured? Steinway, Story/Clark, and Mason Hamlin are the only ones I can find. I love the tone of older Baldwins (I have a 1970s 243 upright) and antique upright grands. Any suggestions?

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Re: American-Made Uprights

Post by PianoGuy » 26 May 2009, 12:33

I can't think of any good American uprights post 1960 apart from the odd Steinway.

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Re: American-Made Uprights

Post by Bill Kibby » 26 May 2009, 17:02

Judging by the 80-odd Baldwins I used to look after in the eighties, I was appalled at the stuff they sent over here. One of the major factors in good tonal quality is decay time - the time it takes for the sound to die away. The grand that Liberace played in London was worse in that respect than some uprights. Generally though, I rarely see a modern American piano over here, just the very occasional Lowrey or Kimball.
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