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Kawai CA-7/71

Post by tuna » 31 May 2008, 01:15

Does anyone know if there is much of a difference between the Kawai CA-7 and the CA-71?

I think the CA-71 is the newer model?


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Post by markymark » 31 May 2008, 15:28

The CA-71 is a newer upgraded version of the CA-7.

The CA-71 would have features like 192 note polyphony, extra pre-recorded classical music pieces as well as some other fancy software running inside known as "Virtual Technician" aswell as lessons and finger exercises for personal practice.

The CA-7, the older version, has only 96 polyphony and has only four speakers whereas the CA-71 has six built in speakers.

Apart from that, they both have the same type of sound processor/sampling and have the same type of wooden-keyed, graded hammer action keyboard.

Fairly subtle differences in terms of practical use, but upgrades nontheless in the CA-71.

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