Buying used Samick upright

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Buying used Samick upright

Post by DKPiano »

Hello all
I am (a danish guy) looking to buy my fist piano for me and my little kids (3 and 5). I never played a lot, but I grew up in a home with a piano, and always played a little. So my knowledge is limited. I have stumpled upon the following used upright piano:

- Samick JS-112
- Serial number JHJ01289
- one previous owner (daughter is selling it)
- says its from 2009
- black polished
- price: 560 £

I have tried the piano out, but I am not an experienced pianist, and it was quite out of tune (see picture). It seems ok, but the quality was hard to tell, besacuse of the tuning. The daughter to the previous owner seemed very nice and honest and thinks it might not have been tuned many times (if at all).

I uploaded some pictures. When I played the A, the pianotuner app suggested a G# (see pictures). would it require multiple tunings?

Also a smokers home (not too bad). Is the smell hard to get out?

What do you think? is it worth considering, or should I avoid? I don't have a big budget.

Best regards..
Barrie Heaton
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Re: Buying used Samick upright

Post by Barrie Heaton »

For the smoke. You can put a very strong air freshener in the bottom of the piano and change it after a week for another very strong one that will get rid of the smell.

They are quite a bright piano but when well-regulated play very nicely, find out from the client when it was last tuned and do they know the piano tuner if they do, you can get the number give them a ring, they can give you the lowdown on the piano.

My only concern with this make is the tuning pins as the piano is badly out of tune it could have a loose tuning pin or just hasn't been tuned for donkey's years may be worth getting your local piano tuner or the tuner who last used it to check it over.

You don't want to pay for the removals to find out is untunable.

Barrie Heaton
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Re: Buying used Samick upright

Post by vernon »

If you ever need any parts you'll be lucky if they give you the time of day
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