Old George Russell upright

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Old George Russell upright

Post by Adventfairy »

I have a quite ornate George Russell upright which I acquired nearly 40 years ago.
The serial number is 2745 which makes it an early version.

I was told (again decades ago) that it has stick action and vellum hinges and is impossible to tune.

Is it of any historical interest? Any suggestions what to do with it?
Thank you
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Re: Old George Russell upright

Post by Bill Kibby »

The sticker action would suggest that it was made no later than about 1895. Many tuners don't want to know about historical items, and may condemn them if they don't conform to modern specifications, so I often try to rescue these pieces of history, but even in the UK, I can't usually justify the transport costs on an object which has no musical value. Where in the world are you?
I don't think there are any proper dates published for George Russell's numbers, and it is important to remember that most pianos have several different numbers inside.
Is it possible for you to post photos here to show what the whole piano looks like?
Have a look at...
for more clues.
Piano History Centre
Email via my website.
If you find old references or links on this site to pianogen.org, they should refer to pianohistory.info
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