Holling & Spangenberg

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Holling & Spangenberg

Post by Llanos » 24 May 2020, 06:05

Dear Forum, I have a "Holling & Spangenberg" with the numbers #16861 embossed on the internals. There are x10 stamps located around the name (x5 each side). I am wondering it's value and age, as we'd like to sell it.

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Re: Approximate Valuation

Post by Bill Kibby » 24 May 2020, 12:35

The number suggests that it may have been made around 1881, and unrestored pianos of this age usually have very little value.
Nobody anywhere can guess the value or condition of a piano without inspecting it on the spot, and checking how well it holds in tune, so your local tuner is the best person to ask.
If your tuner feels that it is safe to remove the action (the working parts of the notes) it may be marked on the back with the action makers' name and number, and I may be able to date this.
You mention "stamps", are these exhibition medals? The piano will have been made after the last event shown, see
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