Piano history and value

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Piano history and value

Post by Tonybhoy » 07 Jan 2020, 22:51

Hi. I acquired a crane and sons upright piano. Serial number 156549. Any help please.

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Re: Piano history and value

Post by Bill Kibby » 08 Jan 2020, 13:04

I contacted Crane & Sons many years ago, and they had no archive material which would allow them to look up individual pianos. Several trades people have told me that Cranes didn't make their own pianos. Some were made by Kennard or Lyon, but we don't know who made them all, unless there are clues inside the piano.

Is the number preceded by C&S? This would be their stock number, and might suggest that it was sold somewhere near 1934, so have a look for clues at

Nobody anywhere can guess the value or condition of a piano without inspecting it on the spot and checking how well it holds in tune, so your local tuner is the best person to ask about that.
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