London and Liverpool Pianoforte Company

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London and Liverpool Pianoforte Company

Post by belelokai » 31 Dec 2019, 21:16

Hello. I recently acquired this nice piano, however, am having a rather difficult time researching it. I don't know very much about pianos at all. It needs some repairs.

Some of the hammers are no longer good. I was was wondering if this antique required special hammers or pieces, if it is rare or not and how much such an item is worth in its current condition as well as restored? I am willing to put in the work. I just can't seem to find anything about this piano.

It has a tag that reads:
"Manufactured for
The London and Liverpool
Pianoforte Company,
30 & 32 Granby street,

Then it has a branding / etching in the wood that says,
"LLPC996 C&S10534"

Any help would be greatly appreciated. <3 Thank you all so much.

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London and Liverpool piano, repair and price?

Post by Bill Kibby » 02 Jan 2020, 21:57

Nobody anywhere can guess the value or condition of a piano without inspecting it on the spot. If it needs replacement parts, you will need to call in a technician.
The London & Liverpool Piano Co. is no mystery, they were in Granby Street from at least 1899 to 1938. They were connected with Crane & Sons, Liverpool, and it may even have been an alternative name for Crane & Sons. C&S indicates their stock number.
Without photos to show what the piano looks like, I can't tell you any more, but there is no reason to think it would be rare or valuable.
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