Kessels upright Piano

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Kessels upright Piano

Post by Jezebel » 31 Dec 2019, 02:03

Hi there. I was hoping to find out more about my piano, like the origin, age and history.
The Piano’s name is Kessels, with a Schwander action, serial number is 42830 and is has been manufactured in Britain.
We bought the piano second hand from a private seller but don’t know a lot about it.
I would appreciate any help! Thanks in advance.

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Re: Kessels upright Piano

Post by Bill Kibby » 31 Dec 2019, 13:14

Originally, Kessels was the largest musical instrument manufacturer in Holland. This a name which has more questions than answers, certainly as far as the pianos are concerned, and I have no details about pianos made by them in Holland, but later pianos marked "Kessels Ltd, London" are thought to have been made by Renn in Hornsey, London. This name is also linked to Leswein, who were in Berners Street, and there used to be some information about Leswein on this website but I can't find it now.
You obviously have undressed the piano, so have a look at
As always, I could possibly tell you a lot more if you showed us what the WHOLE piano looks like.
Reference to "British Manufacture" mainly appeared on pianos between the wars.
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