Schneider 24?

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Schneider 24?

Post by vynx » 28 Dec 2019, 19:33

Hello, my name is Manuel and I live in Spain, I am restoring a couple of old pianos as a hobby, I have finished an 1888 50€ Broadwood and sons upright (piano action and cabinet refinish with lacquer) and now I am about to start what I think is a very old piano or Clavichord, the only info we have found in it is a name inside carved in the wood close to the soundboard, it has leather like hammers and the iron frame looks is hold by lead? nuts, anyone have more info about it? Thanks in advance

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Re: Schneider 24?

Post by Bill Kibby » 29 Dec 2019, 13:04

In a clavichord, metal pieces attached directly to the keys not only strike the strings, they set the length of string that sounds. Your instrument appears to be a square piano, so have a look at
Is the name carved, or imprinted with a metal stamp? This is a common way for a senior worker at a factory to sign his work, rather than the main maker.
Schneider is a very common surname, and it is not surprising that there were many piano and music firms named Schneider. One was apprenticed as a tuner in Germany, moved to India and was involved in some way with Bevan, large retailers in India.
At the moment, this forum is not displaying photos properly, but the iron plate and what I can see of the design suggests that it might be mid-1800s.
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