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New to Piano

Post by traceyphillips »

Hi everyone,

I have just purchased my first piano and I've always wanted to be good at it. Is there any advice you could give me for starting out?
Best online courses free or paid? extra equipment that would help me?

I'd appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance,

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Re: New to Piano

Post by chrisw »

Are there any piano teachers in your locality ? If you can ask for recommendations. A real life teacher is best.
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Re: New to Piano

Post by Sophie7Leblanc »

If you are looking for a way to start learning to play piano, taking piano lessons from La Touche Musicale is a good place to start. There are many different ways you can use the keyboard to your advantage. If you are having trouble affording piano lessons, this site has a program that allows you to try free lessons and choose a payable membership later.

What is piano online for beginners? You can always expect to be able to play piano at home on your own. You can also think about taking distant lessons, but you should know that there is no teacher giving lessons personally. What is piano online is more like computer lessons. However, you may encounter some limitations in terms of speed and accuracy, but the thing is, you will have all the tools you need to become a pianist on your own.
The greatest thing about such lessons is the fact that you do not have to look for piano instructors when you need one. All you have to do is go online and search for a teacher.

Features that I liked are as follows:
• Play with a virtual piano keyboard.
• A lot of practice (a great volume of free songs for different levels).
• Play your favorite music without a music sheet.
• Connect your own keyboard to interact with the virtual piano and learn at your own pace.
• The application waits for you until you play the right notes on the keyboard.
• In order to learn the song, play at a reduced speed.
• Replay a specific section until you perfect it.
• Play by working left hand and right hand separately.
• You can identify your mistakes and follow your progress thoroughly
I hope I was able to help! Good luck.
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